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I treat upon your dreams....

..... the crazy (yaoi) fangirls.

7/21/13 09:37 pm - Holy mother, where has my heart gone...

...now that I've seen the ending of Code Geass. Figures.

4/9/13 04:47 pm - Moving back to livejournal...seriously, my unchanged avatar has become up-to-date again

Woah woah, now people will be freaked as to why THERE'S A LIVEJOURNAL POST!?

Well, seriously, facebook just does not grant ranting-satisfaction, which everyone already knows, but in using ONLY facebook I thought maybe, just maybe, you can escape the need to rant endlessly, tiredlessly, with huge CAPTIONs and shitlessly since you CAN'T do it!
Now though, Naruto 590 just broke me back. Shit. A dream come true (?) after so many years...now this warrants a new, relived, Jesus-like livejournal entry. Why?

"No matter what you decide to do from now, I will love you forever."

Who's blaming me now?!!! (not for having no morale at least) Did you see THAT coming? in my wildest dreams...YES! EVERY NIGHT! I didn't. Forgot about the fandom and now came upon it per chance. What, just because I'm like half a year late doesn't mean anything in the timetracksystem of Shounen Jump. Seriously. I will now become a utter internet forum, livejournal, tumblr because of this. Again.

maybe the internship starting soon might have something to do with it, since I won't know anybody in the region, but hey? 590 was just a million times MORE an incentive!! XD

Ah, now I feel refreshed again. Makes me wonder who reads this shit. XD

So long!

1/27/12 10:26 pm - I got an email....

...stating, that if I don't write something VERY SOON, everything is going to be deleted.

So yeah. Here I am.

2/7/11 12:27 pm

If you love someone, set them free. If they come back they're yours; if they don't they never were. – Richard Bach


4/5/10 12:40 pm

Funny, that my sister experiences her first real parting with the age of 10. Sadly. Finally.
I'm curious if the telephone bill will rise now.

6/20/09 01:23 pm - lol, quote of the day. XD

"Alrriight, I guess if ya can beat me, I'll strip for ya. If I beat you, then you gotta...peel off ya skin."

"How is that FAIR?!! WHAT are you trying to see??!! MY WHITE BLOOD CELLS??!!"

(Killer whore vs. Gintoki. In Gintama ch.262)


4/2/09 09:58 pm


Chuck Norris passes Mathematical Methods of Electrical Engineering with 1.0. Without studying for it.


Chuck Norris dun need transistors for his PC to function!


2/24/09 07:33 am

Three days.

Haven't been able to sleep for three days.


What the hell is wrong with me??!

What kind of doctor should I go see for this? WtF, anyone some tricks for falling asleep?


So fucking tired and gotta go take my maths exam now.

1/19/09 10:47 pm - AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

ALL of you people!

Why SO down??!! o.O

All I'm reading are sappy POSTS!!!

Ok, now, to bitch you all up:

You have NO IDEA WHAT I'm going though at the MOMENT!!


MY BOYFRIEND IS HIGH ON BRITNEY SPEARS AND DOOMING ME WITH IT!!! you're a womenizer,womenizer, womenizer...blablablam I'm a slaaaaaaa~ve for yoooooo~uuuu

OMFG WTF, HELL FREEZING OVER??!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! *dies-with-a-facial-expression-like-OMG-HORROR-gimme-MORE-PILLS-NOW!!!!!* o.O DX !!


"....Say I'm crazy, GOT you crazy...."

Ok, now at least I understand this:


"They say I'm nasty!" XD

1/11/09 03:39 pm - >

I watched bloody Monday...

...oh my god. You were so right. It's so goooooooooood~!

Anyone got fic recs for me?
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